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              Richmond MN. 56368                    
Plastic Parts Developed 

       A Brief History
   We have contributed to a variety of industries since 1979
 Designing and Building Production Machines.Tool & Die Work . Tooling to produce eye glasses.Mold Building and full service Injection Molding. Parts Developed and production for the Auto-Truck aftermarket industry. 
Proto Tooling and parts from Aviation to the Valve industry. 
3-D Steel Engraving,Artwork in Molds

We are a Full Service Injection Molding Company.
 We produce 3-D EDM Shapes digitized from hand engravings,
 to simple 2-D shapes.  

Comments and feedback  LewsCalls and WingitCalls

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      Why we make WingitCalls.
   I grew up in Minnesota where my Grandparents had a small resort with homemade wood row boats and cabins. They  fished, hunted and trapped for a living.
  We have hunted and fished a few places, and met some lifetime friends.  From wildlife artwork in steel engravings to fine checkering and animal carvings on gunstocks, making Goose Calls with artwork is a natural.  The design and mtl. guts of our call is equal to high price calls. We take pride in every part we make. Many customers have become friends, both in our manufacturing work and making goose calls.
  We have Supported a number of Competition Goose Callers.
            Thanks for your interest  and good luck calling     

 Wingit Custom Competition Collector Goose Calls
LewsCalls at www.WingitCalls.com           







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