Acrylic Short Reed Goose Calls
Wingit Call does it all
              Every tone and call you hear from the best calls
  Custom Competition Collector 
     Short reed Goose Calls  
          Working in Competition and Hunting


 Plastic Products Developed from Concept thru Production

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WingitCalls are available in 4 styles, any color you see.

#1=          Lab and Geese artwork-polished   $ 120.00
#2=                      Plain- no artwork-polished  $ 100.00
#3= Plain half & half-camo / polished ends     $ 90.00
#4=                      Camo- with polished ends   $ 75.00
S & H - $ 5.00                        Extra guts assy.= $7.
              Name or Initials engraving  $20.00 

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Wingit Custom Competition short reed Goose Calls
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